Domotech at the glance

Present building automation or building efficient systems that can be integrated to the residential, business, public buildings or hotels. These as well known as smart home or smart building provide possibility of safety, efficiency and comfort, as well as management and control of whole space or building during the time spent in or remotely using NOISES BRAIN server and NOESIS web application.
Based on statistics that analyze energy consumption of space with Domotech comparing to traditional houses, achieved savings are between 35-50% (*depending on factor and typology of the construction).
It should be emphasized that smart buildings and smart houses fulfill requirements of higher energy classification.
It should be remembered that flexibility of Domotech installation, in case of any modification it is not necessary to perform additional construction works, switches can be programmed or reprogrammed based on needs, and with thermostat or other modules are connected with “bus KNX” calibration. In case of additional components it is easy to connect with basic or closer existing component.
In case of moving, electrical enclosed and electronic switches can be easily dissembled and moved (to be used again).
Simplify, Domotech present intelligent house and intelligent buildings.
Domotech can be implemented as one or multi system in the object, based on your wishes and needs.

An advantage of the implementation of Domotech is primarily providing investors and users with buildings that communicate and that are easier to manage, operate and meet their environmental and financial objectives as well as energy savings, with the positive results that can be relatively soon after implementation.


Energy saving means cost saving, invest today and you will earn more in future. It is depending on the concept of the Domotech system that is defined and installed in space that became smart space. Smart home provide better and easier accessibility to the space for person with special needs.


Implementing home automation to construction object it becomes smart building or smart home, this provides higher quality of the object recognized by the global benchmark, which means more attractive for buyers and earnings for investors.



There is a wide specter of options.

It can be single installation or combination based on any of your wishes and needs.




1What does the system of smart houses cover?
Smart house system refers to implementation of automatic system in different types of buildings and facilities, in facts automates existing functionality in one house or building, it can be implemented on lighting system, which means lighting control (on/off, dimmer, RGB) in the building and control of shutters, tents, etc., thermoregulation in the facility, energy efficiency and energy consumption management, security system such as video surveillance, access to the facility (fences, gates, entrance doors, garage doors, etc.), different types of alarms, and scenario that the system offers, building management over NOESIS server and NOESIS web application using smart devices while spending time in facility or during your absence.
2Which advantages Domotech have compering to other smart house systems
All Domotech systems are designed in accordance to KNX protocol. According to that system can be designed and implemented from the equipment of different manufacturers that produce equipment in accordance with KNX standard. Which means Domotech is a fully open system that has no technical boundaries, it can be expanded, optimized, changed and even moved to another facility if there is a need for it. Another advantages is that it can be applied to any type of facility, start in outdoor environments such as gardens, swimming pool, and many other type of facilities.
3What does Domotech scenario means?
Scenarios are part of a NOESIS web application developed by Domotech team and it can be created by the user of Domotech team in accordance with user’s requirements. Scenarios can refer to certain user habits in the facility, such as a wake up alarm at a certain time with an audio system by favorite radio station and start a shower cabinet with certain temperature and pressure of water at precisely defined time, and otherwise it can be used in terms of energy savings in one building, using scenario system itself can be adjust temperature in building during working time hours and depending on outside weather measured by the meter station and after that to adjust heating system on temperature for night mode or during the period when building is not used to reduce temperature to a minimum in order to maintain the acceptable temperature in the building and has made savings in energy consumption. Scenarios can be different depending on the needs and client demands.
4Does Domotech have their own products?
Only what can be considered as Domotech product is NOESIS software and web application which is for purpose of managing the system using any type of smart device or PC, etc. As for other products used by Domotech, it only use product from renowned manufactures such as Schneider Electric, ABB, Theben and many others that produce in accordance with the KNX standard.
5Where Domotech can be implemented?
Practically there is no boundaries. Domotech system can be implemented in apartments, commercial and office building, hotels, restaurants, industrial facilities, buildings for persons with special needs, schools, in open space such as golf fields, swimming pools, advertising stands, etc. Our colleagues from Italy completed one project and implemented on city cycling parking. It is everything in accordance with client needs, we can propose best technical solution.
6During the implementation, is it necessary to cover all parts of the system that you offer?
Domotech is completely open system, and it is not necessary to cover all elements in on facility, it can implemented for example on lighting, on shutters, and during preparation and realization of the project to prepare conditions to optimize system with other elements such as for example thermoregulation, it is everything depending on users capabilities, it is all matter of agreement and planning.
7Is it Domotech luxury?
The term “smart house” and what refers to is considered to be a luxury, but we place our priority on energy savings and the proper distribution of energy in building or facility, security, easy access and practical use of functionality that facility or building have. It can be said that an investment that is rapidly pays off and brings great savings in the future.
8More information about energy efficiency and savings while using Domotech system
Buildings and facilities that have Domotech system implemented fulfill higher energy classes. Which can be achieved in accordance to “Rule book about conditions and methods of issuing certificate of energy properties of buildings ("Official Gazette of RS", No. 61/2011)”. By programming the sensors for constant illumination in the office, which reads the presence of a person, it is possible to regulate the lighting and temperature simultaneously. The sensor of reading the amount of daylight that reaches the room, replaces the light comfort by regulating artificial lighting in percentages. This system, besides economic savings, guarantees constant optimal working conditions. At the same time, the same sensor controls the temperature comfort. In the event of a window opening, the system automatically extinguishes heating / cooling in the zone in order to avoid losses. An additional optimization of energy consumption is achieved by integrating a meteorological station that constantly measures the outside temperature. The described configuration * according to our field experience has reached up to 60% of energy saving, without compromise on comfort (* Led lamping in the Dali Protocol).
9What is KNX?
KNX is international organization and standard that define conditions and procedures that referred to home automation and all elements of home automation. Domotech team and their programmers are KNX certified, which means that our experts are always informed about new events in home automation industry.

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